If rice is among your staple foods, then you have certainly heard about the rice cooker which has gained a lot of popularity in the recent past. There are however so many brands of these in the market; something which can act as a disadvantage as it can keep you from picking the right product. Nonetheless, if you want to be a master in preparing rice, the Aroma 60-Cup commercial rice cooker is the type of rice cooker to go for.


With dimensions of 17.7×17.7×12.6 inches and a weight of 17.5 pounds, this rice cooker is big enough to serve the needs of a small restaurant. This rice cooker is also ideal for use at home, especially for a person who prefers to do a lot of cooking at once. The cooker can prepare up to 30 cups of uncooked rice and 60 cooked cups.


One of the things I find most appealing about this rice cooker is its design—simple, yet attractive. Even though the product is fairly priced, it doesn’t come off as cheap. If it all came down to the design, I would go for this cooker simply based on its appearance.


The Aroma cooker features an automatic warm mode, touch operation, and a hinged lid that is designed to lock in moisture. The automatic feature on the equipment ensure that it automatically switch to warm mode the moment the rice is cooked. The cooker also comes with a paddle and a measuring cup, extras which are included for convenience purposes .The downside to this equipment though is that its lid has sharp edges which may slice through the fingers if not carefully handled. Even so, this disadvantage is one that can be overlooked, given the huge benefits you are set to enjoy when you get the cooker.


The Aroma rice cooker is generally a reliable cooker, and the good thing is that compared to similar products in its line, this cooker is fairly priced. Thus, if you are someone who eats rice regularly like me and are looking for something professional that will provide you with convenience and long-term service, the Aroma 60-Cup is definitely the equipment to invest in.