The 8 cup rice cooker from Aroma Housewares is one rice cooker I can highly recommend as I own one myself. It’s a perfect kitchen tool for all the busy people who love to cook, but don’t have enough time to stay long hours in the kitchen.

Ease of use

Why it’s easy and quick to use? Well, it can cook a variety of meals with one click, just set the digital timer and you’re good to go. It steams meat and vegetables while, the rice cooks at the bottom,  set in multiple layers of containers. While waiting for the food to cook, you can help your children with their homework or you can do some quick errands.

Useful features

The cooker is programmable and has a 15 hour delay timer. It has digital control with an automatic “keep warm” function, in case you’re not ready to eat yet,  when you hear the buzzing sound your food is ready and you have an easy but delicious and very healthy meals waiting for you to dig in.

Why did I say healthy?

Because,the nutrients from the food you are cooking, are properly sealed with the steamer/cooker lid, unlike when you stir fry it uses a lot of unhealthy oils and the flavors evaporate into thin air.

Serve a full house

This rice cooker (and steamer) has flexible serving capacities, you can use this product to serve up to 8 members of your family. When I am having a full house, I can easily double the servings. Cooking for a family of four is easy because, the capacity of the Aroma rice cooker and food steamer can cook complete meals up to 8 servings. Great for dumplings, oatmeal, soups, jambalaya, chili, all in one cooking pot.

And the best part,you don’t have to use and wash more dirty pots and pans after cooking. When you buy the Aroma cooker/steamer, it includes a steam tray, rice measuring cup, serving spatula and exclusive recipes are included.

In conclusion

The Aroma 8-cup digital rice cooker is of high quality, top rated and outstandingly energy efficient. The stainless steamer/cooker is counter top friendly. When I’m done cooking, the non stick cooker and all accessories can be removed for easy cleaning and the steamer trays are dishwasher proof. I can definitely recommend this very affordable cooker.