One of the most popular side dishes to serve with any meal is rice. Rice is a versatile food capable of complementing just about every imaginable entrée. The big issue with rice is the preparation. Home cooks across the country have embraced this new appliance for the kitchen. The rice cooker is quickly becoming a must have kitchen item.


The Black & Decker 7 cup (uncooked) rice cooker allows for an effortless preparation of rice. Because the machine uses an automated process, the meal cooks up fluffy and perfect every single time. Black & Decker has been manufacturing small appliances for decades, which means a lot of effort and experience went into the design process. This is a unit that is capable of delivering a strong performance and a great return on investment, which makes it perfect for any kitchen.


This particular model can produce sixteen cups of rice according to the vendor, which is approximately seven cups of uncooked rice. Measuring a touch over ten inches tall and eight inches in height, it fits comfortably into cabinets, storage locations, or can even be left on the counter. The size of the unit makes it easy to handle whether empty or full.


Safety and convenience are big parts of the design of this Black & Decker rice cooker. The stay-cool handles allow for safe and easy adjustments of the unit while rice is being cooked. Plus, the cooking pan is dishwasher safe, which makes upkeep of the appliance a simple task. In addition, the presence of steam vents and a condensation catcher keep the hot vapor safely off the counter.


In addition to stay-cool handles, vents, and other safety features, the biggest asset for this particular model is the automatic shift from the cooking process to the keep-warm procedure. In short, this rice cooker takes care of all the work. The easy to see indicator lights clearly mark what cycle the appliance is operating in, which means anyone that walks past the unit can tell exactly what is happening.


In the end, anyone looking to shave a few minutes off the preparation time for a home cooked meal can greatly benefit from this 16-cup rice cooker. The easy to read indicator lights, user-friendly design, and focus on safety make this unit a great option for busy cooks.