Chinese Fried Rice Recipes


As someone who has children who love Chinese fried rice, I have learnt to stick to one basic recipe and make alterations therefrom.

My basic Chinese fried rice includes: celery, carrots, onion, peas, and three eggs.

I also add some soy sauce, pepper, salt and use margarine for frying the vegetables.

Over the years, I have discovered beautiful variations of fried rice from friends, family and online sources.

But, I would urge you to stick to this basic recipe when you try them for best results.

Here are some awesome recipes to try out:

  • Tofu Chinese Rice
    The best thing about fried rice is that you never need to throw away the leftovers in your house. Fried and reduced fat tofu added to the veggies in this version of fried rice is not just healthy but adds a delicious texture to the fried rice. I also add a dash of dark sesame oil and hoisin sauce to this dish for some amazing balance of flavors.
  • Shrimp Chinese Rice
    In this recipe, I use about 12 oz. of medium shrimp for 4 people. I fry the shrimp for about 30 seconds but never more because I don’t want to overcook them. Plus, when you mix them in with the rice at the end, the heat from the rice would cook them further. Overcooked shrimp can taste really bad so this would be my advice to people who are not used to adding seafood to Chinese fried rice. Another great element to add to this dish is Sriracha sauce along with edamame, rice vinegar, bell peppers, broccoli and some fresh ginger.
  • Chicken Chinese Rice
    I keep this delicious alternative light in color (slightly less soy sauce) and also add a bunch of fresh green vegetables to it to make it look like a summer dish. I usually use rotisserie chicken breast that is boneless and skinless but sometimes, I crisp up the skin in the pan before adding it to my Chinese fried rice for a crunchy element to the dish. This recipe also tastes delicious with brown rice but, as with all Chinese fried rice recipes, you should make sure that the rice is at least a day old.
  • Mexican Chinese Rice
    In this version of rice, I explore some of my favorite Mexican flavors like cilantro, lime, sweet soy sauce, mint, basil, serrano chile, shallots and also some lime wedges. To make it a bit more Asian in flavor, I add some daikon slices and always cook this recipe with brown rice that has been cooked at least 1 – 2 days before.

Another recipe that I like involves a healthy version of Chinese fried rice with a lot of bean sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, spring onions, lemon, ginger and brown rice.

More about that next time!