I am able to cook at most 10 cups of restaurant-standard rice from the expediency of my home, using this manageable rice cooker made by Panasonic. The cooker’s push-key regulator panel guarantees fool-proof functionality, whilst its “Advanced Fuzzy Logic” technology spontaneously controls the power as well as cooking duration as required to give great results. I select from 4 menu preferences for rice cooking, or choose among the extra settings (steam, Cake, Porridge, and Slow-cook) for enhanced flexibility.


Attentively designed, this counter-top appliance furthermore comes furnished with an all-round-the-clock preset timer that enables me to arrive home and find hot rice after having a long exhausting day at work. When the rice completely cooks, the unit spontaneously changes to warm mode that keeps a perfect serving temperature therefore rice is set for serving when the other meals are ready.

Additional highlights of this rice cooker consist of a digital display used for inspecting the cooking position by only a glimpse, a domed cover to keep off moisture from sopping back to the cooking rice, as well as convenient cover release by just pushing a button. A suitable addition to a busy kitchen, this rice cooker gives a sleek, nice-looking design and also makes an excellent gift for a wedding or even housewarming occasion.


Advanced Fuzzy Logic Technology – This regulates power as well as cooking time spontaneously for accurate and steady results all the time.

Eight Pre-Program Control Panel – This allows me to choose a maximum of 8 pre-programmed cooking preferences.

24-Hour Preset Timer – Timer feature allows me to set the cooking start-time therefore, I get fresh-cooked rice ready when am also ready.

Keep Warm Mode – Once cooking is done, the appliance automatically adjusts so as to maintain Warm mode so my rice is kept at an ideal temperature until am ready to serve it.

Push-Button Lid release – There is no need for me to lift the lid manually when I am busy doing other things.

Detachable Power Cord – I can detach its power cord when not in use, for neater storage or even when I am serving rice straight from the cooker.

Compact size – Great looks as well as a tiny footprint makes the cooker an excellent choice for me to leave in the kitchen or even bring it to the dining area for serving.


The rice cooker has a convenient rice scoop, steaming basket, plus a measuring cup. All together we can highly recommend this rice cooker from Panasonic, get one yourself now!