Spanish Seafood Rice Recipe

Spanish Seafood Rice RecipeFinding a healthy, delicious meal can be hard.

A good meal to try out wold be Spanish seafood rice because not only is it easy to make but it has a zesty Mediterranean flavor that everyone can enjoy.

This food can be combined with all sorts of other foods to enhance taste rather than simple white or fried rice.

Following these few steps, one can make their very own Spanish seafood rice:

  • The first step is to heat 1 table spoon of olive oil over a stove to heat it.
  • Then take one chorizo slice (and slice up about 1 and a half onions depending if you like the flavor of onions) and 2 crushed garlic clovers and add it into the the pan for two minutes.
  • Slice up one capsicum and gather 1 tablespoon of paprike.
  • Also, prepare two cups of rice and 1 tablespoon of saffron.
  • Add the capsicum, rice, paprika and saffron to the pan. The food should sit for about 1 minute. Begin to stir rigorously to make sure everything is getting mixed.
  • While stirring, add 1 sliced tomato. Add salt and pepper to help season the rice.
  • After everything looks like it has been stirred nicely, lower the temperature of the stove to a low setting and allow the food to cook for about 15 minutes.
  • After the 15 minutes, add marinara mix and 1 cup of peas. Stir nicely again so everything is being mixed properly.
  • Allow the food to cook for an additional 10 minutes so that the marinara mix has dissolved into the rice.

Taste (be careful the food is hot) to see if it needs anymore seasoning, if the mix has dissolved (should not have chalky taste to it), and add vegetables as you see fit.

Once you feel that the food tastes how you want it to taste, allow the food to cool.

Add a few drops of lemon juice afterwords as a final touch or serve the food with a slice lemon.

If you would like to add meat to the rice, this is possible but it will require more time during the cooking breaks. Just add the meat right after lowering the temperature to low (before the 15 minute break).

Look at the color of the meat to know if it is cooked or not. The only caution is when using meat that it may overcook the rice so make sure to pay attention to both the rice and meat when cooking the rice.

The dish is relatively easy to make and most people can enjoy it. It keeps its Mediterranean magic while still being something most people can agree on to enjoy. Feel free to add some basil on the plate as well.