Living abroad means that I often enjoy the local cuisine. This doesn’t mean that I always go out and eat at the local restaurants. I enjoy cooking and I like to know where my food comes from. I like to bring a slice of the local cuisine home with me after my travels. Since I returned from Korea, I have been eating more rice, and I would like to make more rice at home.


Something I have noticed while searching for the best rice cooker is how important the size is. Most often, the size of a rice cooker is based on the amount of cooked rice it can hold. This is important to keep in mind. If you are holding a party or have a large family, it makes sense to get a bigger rice cooker. I have a medium sized family and this 10 cup rice cooker, fits my size requirements.


The next thing that is important to me is the design. While I am not super-interested in design and decor, I wouldn’t buy a rice cooker that clashed with my kitchen to the point that it was distracting. I might make an exception if the cooker was on sale or discounted. The white print on the JNP-1800 fits easily with most kitchen decor.


Next, I think it’s important to consider the features of a rice cooker. Thinking of my own situation, I am pretty busy and prefer to not have to fuss with electronics. The best thing is if I can just put the rice in, turn on the cooker and go. The fact that the JNP-1800 keeps the rice warm for 12 hours is extremely appealing to me. That means that I can cook my rice, switch it to warm and go about my business for a few hours until I am ready to retrieve my food. I also really like the fact that the power cord is retractable. This means less time fiddling with a flimsy cord while I try to clean up my kitchen.


On a similar note, the warranty for any product is also important. For the JNP1800, there is a warranty available by contacting customer service. I always feel more comfortable purchasing an item that has a warranty. I know that if something strange happens, I don’t have to worry about fighting with the company to get a replacement or repair.


I think that the Tiger JNP 1800 would work quite well for me and for many others. It has a decent capacity- especially for a small family. The design is easy to combine with most kitchens. The features make rice cooking a cinch, and the user opinions and warranty reflect very well on the product.